The more you put in, the more you get out!

Kickboxing has emerged due to a need for an more efficient fighting system than the traditional system around since centuries. Kickboxing became famous in the 70thies

We train to become the best fighter's we can be! That is our goal. Doing sports does enhance

To reach this goal we use multiple training methods that do enhance our physical and our mental strength.


Student Section:  testing.

Kickboxing takes an very specific approach to physical and mental training. We focus on strength, endurance and speed.

This focus is born out of the goal to perfrom at highest level during 12 rounds in an confined space. The one with the best endurance, strength/speed and technique AND the strongest Mental ability will WIN.

To perform at such high level a Kickboxer must train his whole body to those requirements. We are not Bodybuilders, not Runners or Gymnastics but we have a bit of all of them and more. Kickboxing tackles physical & mental aspects.