Frequent Asked Questions:

Is Power Defense Kickboxing for anybody ?
Yes absolutely, it has been developed & adapted to suit todays active person. It doesent matter if you are in good shape or not, you will give just as much as you want and get in better shape fast.

What do I need to bring along ?
We do have all equipment available for first timer.

However, if you stick to it you will need your own boxing gloves & wraps and an jump rope. In an later stage, if you want to make the next step in your development, you will need additionally an mouthguard and shin protector.

What's that Karate Belt System ?
Kickboxing is an Martial Art - as more time and sweat you devote to your training, the stronger, faster and technically advanced you become. Our ranking system is a motivation on one side and an indication on your level on the other. Also if you visit other schools, your ranking will help the teacher giving an indication on your skills.

What are the skills related to each belt ?
Please go to the section "train", there I explain the level requirements.

What Self-Defense do I learn in this Kickboxing ?
Franco and his team have introduced chosen self-defense techniques into the training routine. Franco has been training and traveling many places in Asia and Europe and excerpted the most effective techniques that work on the street.
You will find techniques out of Thai-Boxing, Krav-Maga, Jiu-Jitsu, BJJ and different Karate styles.,

Why adding self-defense techniques to Kickboxing, is there not enough
"Fight" in it ?
Kickboxing alone is an Sport, it is not an Self-Defense System!
Kickboxing is a mix of Karate and boxing and made to be more effective than Boxing and Karate in an ring fight. What works in a ring, works only very limited in the street.

Due to the fact that most of the sportives will not want to get into competition, we took out the "Fight" training and replaced it with Self-Defense.So in our Kickboxing you get in shape like preparing for an ring fight but without black eyes and have the added value of preparing to counter an eventual assault in the streets.

Why is Kickboxing such an efficient endurance workout ?
The training routine bases on intervall training which is the most efficient method to enhance endurance.

What has an Kickboxing workout what other modern workouts like TRX or Spinning or Cross Training or .... etc... do not have ?
It is the partner work - its the acitve/reactive and attentional training !

You can not just concentrate on doing one task, You have to be very attentional and act or react to your partners actions. You have to escape, attack, move around, duct, forward, backward, strike, kick, etc... Its an ALWAYS changing string of motions. Its never the same! This competitive work can only be found in Martial Arts.

Do I need to do Sparring ?
In our Power Defense Kickboxing we do use Franco's "Power Sparring" method which took the violence out of sparring and is a safe way to do a fight training. No black eyes in our training!
However, if you reach a advanced level, we will start you up on light sparring and decide together what way you want to go.

How difficult is your Kickboxing ?
Our Kickboxing is an system that you have to learn. No Master is born - it is all hard work. But at the end of your effort you will master an great Art.
Our teacher's will lead you step by step to master Kickboxing.

Is Power Defense Kickboxing real Kickboxing like the original one ?
YES, absolutely. All added techniques are learned on top of Kickboxing.

Is this Kickboxing suitable for other Martial Artis.
It doesent matter which Martial Art you practice - at some point you will have to box and kick. Therefore practicing Kickboxing beside other Martial Artis is highly advisable.

I practice MMA since years, will Power Defense Kickboxing add value to my training ?
MMA combines several Martial Arts in one: Kickboxing, Grappling, Wrestling, BJJ, etc... for most practitioner there is not enough time to learn each one Art properly. Therefore my answer is "probably yes". Most pobably you can improve you Kicking and Boxing techniques. Best is to come in and see - ask our teacher to check on your technique in one of our training. He will gladly do this and give you his feedback.

Do we do a lot of ground fighting ?
Definately not - in an Street confrontation you want to end an fight fast and standing. It is far to dangerous on the ground. So we concentrate to do everything possible not to end on the ground and end the confrontation quickly.
However, in an more advanced level we will go into ground fighting as this situation may come up and if so, you will have the tools to deal with it.