For any question about Power Defense TM Kickboxing or other training related questions, please text, call or email Karl:
Mobile: +1 763 203 3792

Kickboxing is a Martial Art developed to fight - its training is all about Power and Speed combined with proper techniques.
It does train senses like reaction, attentiveness, balance and tackles all muscles in your body. This Sport gives you the best allround training effect that you can have.

And on Top of that you get all the Self-Defense training.

What I do also like, is that you can develop with our Belt System and get Grades recognized by many Assoc.

So come in and do something great for you!
About Karl Ledergerber:
Karl started training in Martial Arts as he was 17 years old and has been working on his skills since then.

He meet Franco in the '90 and has become his student since then. Karl trains now with Franco since over
20 years.

He holds Black Belts in several Martial Arts. This allows him to combine the know-how and get the best out of it.

Hobbies: My main sport beside Kickboxing is Windsurfing. A highly challenging sport that one can always improve in learning the next trick. Beside this I like also to Kitesurf and Snowkite in the winter.


2nd Dan Kickboxing Black Belt.
2nd Dan Kyusho Karate Black Blt.
2nd Dan Kenpo Karate Black Blt.

1st Dan Power Defense Kbx Blk Blt.

Practitioner Level at Wing Chun.
Profficient at Thai-Boxing.


4th Kickboxing Coupe d'Europe.

2nd Kickboxing Swiss Masters Full Contact.

Thai-Boxing Full Contact Amateur Coupe de Suisse.