Franco Melchioretto, our Mastermind and Mentor.
Power Defense TM Kickboxing has been developed and refined offering you the best possible workout and Martial Arts training.

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Franco Melchioretto, former
Kickboxing Champion from Switzerland.

Franco was also active as an SWISS National Team coach and works as an "Martial Arts" Referee across Europe and Asia.

Franco runs and/or coaches today 12 affiliated school across Switzerland including our school in Minneapolis.
About Franco Melchioretto:
Franco Melchioretto was an proffessional Kickboxing Full-Contact fighter in the 80's.

He won several European Champion- ships and Mastertitels during his career.

Franco holds today an 7th Dan Black Belt in Kickboxing which was awarded to him by the German  commitee for Martial Arts and is an livetime member in the Hall of Fame for Martial Artists in Munich, Germany.

He also holds an 3rd Dan Black Belt in Karate..

Franco developed Power Defense (or adapted Kickboxing) to bring Kickboxing to the motivated average sportive that wanted to learn this great sport but doesent want to fight.

Before Power Defense; Kickboxing was reserved to a few highly motivated fighters which where trained to fight championships. The other sportive had to train with them and got blessures from time to time.

Franco did want to change this and eliminated the violent components of Kickboxing and replaced it with an similar approach to fight training but without the contact involved.

Beside this, he incorporated the most effective self-defense techniques he has found around the globe to make his Kickboxing an complete system that gives great shape and the asset of Martial Art Street Ready Self- Defense to his system.

All this makes our Kickboxing so unique !

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