Private Training available, contact Karl.
Power Defense TM Kickboxing; a great mix of
Thai- & Kickboxing creating the most effective fighting and Self-Defense System.

Anyone can participate and learn our Kickboxing!
Anyone because we replaced the fighting part with our less brutal Power Sparring giving you still the sensation of contact, but making sure we all stay safe.

For the more advanced students we offcorse also
offer good old sparring :-)

Sports; doing sports will not only benefit your body but also your mind. It reallu doesent matter what sport you chose, this benefits always come with. However, I am convinced that this healthy effect comes more with practicing Martial Arts. Doing this you learn something - its not just excercise, its growing by learning.

That is one reason why we have an belt grading in place. By training with us you will be able to grade through the system up to become a Black Belt. And that is an achivement that speaks for itself!

From an team Sports perspective;
because we work in teams excecuting our techniques and seeing/feeling how we improve getting better each time we train, we are convinced that this is the most motivating sport one can do.

We have an belt grading system in place that everyone can go for according to his achivements and abilities.

Power DefenseTM Kickboxing has been developed by Franco Melchioretto, a former Kickboxing Champion from Switzerland.

We use a grading system similar to Karate going from White up to Black Belt after successfully passing our certified tests..

Our schools are recognized by the WKA and other assoc. round the Globe.

We train at all levels: Power, Endurance, Balance, Flexibility, Attention, Concentration, Coordination and Speed! Those are the skills one needs to become a fighter .... and live a healthier live!

Practice a livetime: Its a Sport that you can practice a livetime and never get bored. Never!

As more you progress, as more challenging your Training becomes. And at each level you're rewarded by getting your next Belt.



Yellow Belt Testing:
Tbd / December 2015

Orange Belt Testing:
Tbd / January 2015

Belt Testing 2015:

Yellow BeltMarch/October
Orange BeltMarch/October

The exact date will be announced two weeks ahead the testing.

18th January 2015:

Yelp-Fu: Enjoy a free training session on Sunday Morning.

That will get you fit into the Week :-)
Our Kickboxing:
Kickboxing is a "modern" Martial Art which started to get popular in the 70s. It's a mix of different Karate styles and modern Boxing.

Kickboxing is an fighting System developed for competitive purposes and is known to be the most efficient standing figthing system beside Thaiboxing..

In our Kickboxing we refined the "original" Kickboxing to an more advanced system that suits better the needs of the today's active person.

Our System combines the latest fitness training methods and self-defense trainig into One great system called:


Power Defense Kickboxing suits as well the Beginner, Intermediate and Pro.
Every student decides himselfs how much he is willing to give during training - YOU are in charge!

Our Kickboxing incorporates mainly techniques out of Kick- & Thai-Boxing and must have techniques (grappling/holding/throws) out of other Martial Arts styles. 

Commit, get in shape and DO something great for you.

Karl is the head instructor of Power Defense Kickboxing in Minneapolis.

"The mix of Thai- and Kickboxing makes our art very effective and versatile - also the possibility to progress through the grades I find very motivating, just come in and try it out".